Come Hear Beethoven’s 1st Symphony on October 25th!

Beethoven’s first symphony was a landmark work in the composer’s life. The piece came after many years as an established composer. Beethoven waited to compose his first symphony until after a long period of composing in nearly every musical genre, save symphonies and string quartets. Many historians attribute his hesitation to venture into string quartets and symphonies to his teacher’s success in these genres. Beethoven’s teacher and mentor, Franz Joseph Haydn, whose success in the symphony format had earned him a great deal of respect in the musical community, had a large influence on Beethoven’s work.

The influences of Mozart and Haydn can be heard in Beethoven’s early works. Beethoven is considered to be a bridge of sorts between the classical and romantic periods of music; many of his early compositions are clearly influenced by the classical style. The evolution of Beethoven’s style of composition can be clearly observed throughout his nine symphonies. Beethoven’s ninth symphony was famously composed while he was completely deaf. Historians note that Beethoven had to be turned around on the podium at the premier performance of his final symphony to see the audience’s applause.

Come see the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra perform this landmark work and piece of history! Music Director Tom Grisanti will be leading the KCO in a performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” Overture, and the entirety of Beethoven’s landmark work – praised by critics at its premier for its “originality” and hailed as a “masterpiece.”

More information about our performance can be found here.

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