“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of chaos, and sometimes in the middle of chaos you find yourself. “ – Boonaa Mohammed
In the last year, the entire globe has experienced isolation. Within the isolation, musicians around the world found themselves without a stage to perform on, without an audience, without ensembles. But within this absence, some found a spark of creativity. In this two-part virtual event, the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra explores living composers active during the pandemic from all around the globe, both professional and amateur.
Part 1
premieres Sunday, March 21st
Woodwind Blues
// Andrea Untung (unknown)
Eve Parsons, Bassoon
Kris Bachmann, Clarinet
Penelope Quesada, Flute
Marquese Tunstull, Oboe
Stars Danced In Her Eyes // World Premiere
// Ryan + Emma Nikmaram (Canada)
Phil Brockman, violin
Penelope Quesada, flute
Ben Kemble, piano & percussion
In an Old House in Paris
for two socially distanced musicians to play over the internet
// Elaine Fine (US)
William Adamchik, trumpet
Richard Bealer, bass
This program will be presented online and free of charge

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